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No 'Tech-Speak' And No Jargon Guaranteed!

You hear folks say it all the time...

...when it comes to getting your message out there, video is king.  But, with video-makers charging as much as $3,000+ per minute of video, it must be a pretty tough world to break into, right?

All that expensive and complicated equipment and all that technical knowledge...

...there's no way you have the time or resources for all that, is there?

Well, that's what I thought when, a few years ago, I needed (and I mean NEEDED!) to make some videos for the business I was trying to build.

Trouble was, I had no money to pay someone to make them for me, and no idea how to do it myself.  On top of that, I'm the least techie guy you could ever wish to meet.

The weird thing about all that though is that I now make my living creating videos for a massive list of clients - and I'm still every bit the non-techie guy I always was.

I just figured out my own non-techie ways of doing things that work for me and my clients -

 - and now I want to share my methods with you in....

In EliteVideoCreation101, I'll show you:

How you can create videos better than you imagined possible, starting today, even if you have zero experience.

What one thing is at least as important as your image quality in any video.

5 key fundamentals you need to get clear on, even before you shoot your first frame.

How you probably already have everything you need to get started making videos.

If you're going to spend money on equipment, what to buy and what to forget (for now, at least!).

Fantastic free tools you can use for even better results from your videos.

What?  You want more?  OK then...

In EliteVideoCreation101, I'm not just going to show you how to make one type of video...

...together, we're going to cover:

To-Camera Videos

I'll share with you my non-techie ways to get the best image and sound quality.

Screen capture videos

Perfect for the classroom for teaching and training and for showing off your software.

Animated videos

With an emphasis on the increasingly popular whiteboard or doodle animation (that's what my clients always want more of!)

I could tell you about all the things that are inside EliteVideoCreation101 - but I've got a better idea...

How about we take a sneak peek?

Just click to play the video and I'll give you a quick tour.

OK - I've seen enough! Let Me In!

You've probably heard it before but this really IS the course I wish I'd had access to when I was starting out.  It would have saved me so much time!

I've spent months putting this course together and I love it! But don't take my word for it - here's what some of my beta-test students had to say...

I love tell, show and do videos. It makes things sooo easy for newbies…

... I have been using [this software] for 5 years now and hadn’t known or used ¾ of the stuff you explained…


~ Robert Labedz

Freedom Seeker

OMG I just watched the Introduction to Editing video and that was so helpful. I have had [the software] for about a year now...

...I was wishing that I had someone to show me how to use it and you came along.

Man-oh-man am I blessed to be a part of this.


~ Teresa Smith

Founder of Being the Best Me

your videos have motivated me to dig deeper into my own video making with a much greater sense of understanding because of the simple and understandable way that you are teaching the basics.

Ernie Head and Shoulders crop

~ Ernie Kulnies

Excited Student of Video Marketing

Here's just some of what we'll cover together in EliteVideoCreation101

Remember - you are entering a Tech-Speak-Free Zone!  Only plain language spoken here 🙂

  • How to structure your video - what to say and when to say it
  • How to use the resources already available to you to create great videos
  • How to light your video for low cost or no cost
  • How to get the best audio quality for your video (one of THE most important modules)
  • How to set up your home studio
  • How to get great free software that will amaze you (you won't believe it could possibly be free!)
  • How to create a video without a camera
  • How to create a simple but incredibly effective video to promote your company, your service, or your product
  • How to create simple animated intros - using just editing software
  • How to create amazingly popular whiteboard videos... the easy way
  • How to create your own unique drawings for your animations, even if you can't draw!
  • How to be 'interviewed' on camera, even if there's no-one there to ask the questions!
  • And there's so much more...

Still not convinced video is right for you or your business?  Maybe this will help...

are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video*

increase in conversions by including a video on your landing page*

of purchasers said video helped them in making their decision*

*Source: Hubspot

Oh! And did I mention that, in EliteVideoCreation101, you'll also discover...

How to get incredible results - from your phone! (Clients have paid me thousands for videos I shot on my smartphone).

How you can create videos using just your computer (no camera, no lights, no phone needed)!

The simple way to create one of the most popular styles of video – custom whiteboard animation.

Want to hear more of what those beta-test students thought of EliteVideoCreation101?  OK - here goes...

I have floundered up to now because any other training videos were too techie for me. Thank you for such a comprehensive introduction to video making that spurs me on to learn more.

Ernie Head and Shoulders crop

~ Ernie Kulnies

Excited Student of Video Marketing

…I learned more about what a camera is in your less-than-4-minute video than in 60 years on the planet.


~ Robert Labedz

Freedom Seeker

OMG Ozzy! I set some time aside to really focus on watching the videos. I know I'm a little late but, my-oh-my, this is great info.


~ Teresa Smith

Founder of Being The Best Me

And here's more from satisfied students of EliteVideoCreation101...

Ever since I took Ozzy's EliteVideoCreation101 course, the quality of my video making has been top-notch. My clients relate better to what I explain in my videos.

The main thing I like about EliteVideoCreation101 is Ozzy's step-by-step approach, where he actually demonstrates what he is doing.


~ Samuel Ofoe Dotse

Teaching Traders International

Finding my way to working with Ozzy has been nothing short of amazing! He is one of the most down to earth people I've ever met.'s like he's been a friend for many years.
I love his approach with teaching and helping people as it comes from his heart and he wants to keep it simple, fun and meaningful.


~ Coach John Daly

Coach To Expect Success

I'm not a techie person nor have I ever made a video before. In fact I did not know ANYTHING about making videos prior to taking Ozzy's course.

Ozzy's video class is detailed and in depth in all the right ways. I followed along well and was never lost, while at the same time receiving invaluable information.


~ Samantha Ryser

The Power of Passive Income Podcast

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How about I take the pressure off?

How about I say to you that, if at any time during the next 60 days you decide EliteVideoCreation101 is not for you, I give you your money back?

Every penny - no questions asked.

You see, if you're not happy, I don't want your money.  I want you to get every bit as much out of EliteVideoCreation101 as the good folks who agreed to go through this course as beta-testers did.

Might some people take advantage and try to get the course for free?  Sure.

But not you - you're not like that and that's why I feel comfortable making this guarantee to you.

Get EliteVideoCreation101 today, work through the modules as they are released every week and, if at any time during those first 60 days you don't believe you're making better videos, just ask for your money back and you'll get it. Fair enough?

Everyone who has had the opportunity to review the lessons in EliteVideoCreation101 just loves it!  Here's more of what they're saying...

I'm nervous to be making videos and taking on my first video program, but I feel more confident having taken this course.

I 100% recommend it!

Thank you, Ozzy!


~ Samantha Ryser

The Power of Passive Income Podcast

...Ozzy also gives you tools, resources, materials that will help you get the quality of video you want to make.

Definitely, you should get Ozzy's course! EliteVideoCreation101 will really help you improve the quality of your videos.


~ Samuel Ofoe Dotse

Teaching Traders International

If you are thinking of getting connected with Ozzy - do it!

He offers so much value that I know he can help you with things you need in the area of video and, more importantly, in LIFE!


~ Coach John Daly

Coach To Expect Success

OK, you've heard what I have to say...

...and you've heard what the wonderful folks who have been through the course have to say...

...isn't it time you discovered for yourself how EliteVideoCreation101 can set you on the road to making the video of your dreams?

Get Lifetime Access Today!

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